Ifada is one of the most websites known over the globe, not only because of our members, All of them are graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but just only because we deliver what we promise and what matters is our clients. We provide unique and useful ways to improve your WordPress website. Also, SEO technics for getting a better and high ranking on google search engines.

We provide too many services to help your website run properly and get crawled, indexed by google robots.


Ifada will Build your Website.

You will get a ready website build using WordPress themes (responsive, mobile-friendly) and meeting all SEO requirements for ranking very fast.


On-Page SEO

After creating your website, we will make it SEO friendly by doing everything about (On-Page SEO) from installing SEO plugin and setting it up to edit and fix SEO errors on your posts or pages.


Fix WordPress Issues

Every website facing daily or weekly issues from the smallest to the hard problems. With Ifada, you will not give those issues huge importance because we will fix them quickly.


Ifada will do the Necessary SEO Settings for your website

A website audit is also a great way to discover the SEO steps you forgot or didn’t know. But with Ifada, you will not need to worry because we will analyze your website using our SEO Audit & Reporting Tool to Identify problems that could be holding your site back from ranking better on google search engines.

In the end, I want to mention that to rank on the first page of Google. It’s not that easy. It needs daily hard work, doing the whitehat SEO, and patient. Because with SEO, there are no quick results, but you will have a last result for the long term if you follow the right SEO steps.