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GDPR cookie consent Plugin For WordPress

A GDPR cookie consent plugin can aid you in making your site GDPR-compliant. It has a range of features, which I will list below.

GDPR cookie consent Plugin For WordPress

GDPR cookie consent Plugin Features

  • The plugin will display an acknowledgment with Accept or Deny choices. Cookies aren’t created in a way that is automatic and only after the consent of the user. The value of the cookie will definitely be set to ‘null’ by default, but it will require an of ‘yes’ when the user has clicked “Accept” or “No” when they click “Reject.” Your developer may examine the value of the cookie to generate a cookie in line with.
  • Administrators can set up cookie information and their description via the backend. The cookies’ list can be displayed on your cookie policy page using an encapsulated shortcode.
  • This plugin will add an ethereal cookie banner to your internet site, whether in the footer or the header, to display your compliance with the GDPR law that is now in force.
  • You could completely customize the look of the cookie notice so that it blends with your website’s existing design: modify the fonts, colors, styles, and position on the page and the way it behaves after it is clicked. “Accept.”
  • You can choose to make the bar that displays cookies disappear after a few seconds that are completely customizable or to allow scrolling as an option in Italian law.
  • It also includes the Cookie Audit module in order to quickly reveal the website’s use in terms of cookies and show them in a tidy the form of a table on your Privacy and Cookies Policy page.

The Plugin utilizes the Next cookies

  • The viewed_cookie_policy cookie is the one that records an individual’s consent for the use of cookies upon accepting and refusing. The plugin doesn’t track any personal data and is defined only upon user action(accept/reject).
  • Cookie law info-checkbox-necessary/cookie law info-checkbox-non-necessary – Records the default button state of the corresponding category. It functions only in conjunction with the ‘the principal’ cookie.

This plugin is compatible with WPML and qTranslate. This means that the needs of your translator are met.


  • Fully customizable to look exactly as your own personal style of website Customize the colors, styles, fonts, and styles
  • Place the cookie bar in the header area or the footer
  • Accept the cookie policy (Optional) accept cookie policy if a user scrolls
  • Automatically close the notification bar for cookies after an interval (delay can be set)
  • (Optional) Cookies banners may be removed permanently or available via a “show again” tab
  • The “show again” tab can be completely customized to include the position on the page as well as styles
  • “Cookie Audit” shortcode to create a beautiful “Privacy & Cookie Policy
  • WPML is compatible
  • QTranslate supports


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