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Google Search Console Features

Google Search Console is one of the most valuable and free tools that help website owners monitor and maintain their website present in google search results. It really could be the number one Tool because I recommend every website to have it. Every website owner should connect their website to it.

Full Report:

If you’re using (All-in-One SEO), you can easily connect and verify your website with The google search console.
This does give you a full report of the keywords your website is ranking for in google. The anchor text, the average position, the impressions you’re getting, and many other helpful data that you can then use to improve your website SEO rankings by tweaking your SEO settings.

Errors Alerts:

The other thing, it does alert you about errors that google may find on your website. For example, if Google cannot crawl a page or index a page, then Google will let you know by sending an alert with this and notify you, so you can fix that issue before your website loses some of the rankings.

You know also you can use Google Search Console to submit your website sitemap that you that all one SEO will generate for you, so that way google can easily find whatever whenever you publish a new post google will know that you published it. They will be able to index it for you, so Google search console is a must-have for every website owner.

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