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Imagify WordPress Plugin For A Fast Website

Do you have any questions about why your site’s principal page takes more time and takes longer to load? Believe me, Imagify it’s the solution. Websites are becoming slow, and the cause could be due to the images used on pages. We’re not suggesting you pick between speed and beauty. However, it’s time to correct the problem by using Imagify.

Imagify wordpress image optimization

Imagify is an internet-based and CMS compressor tool that allows image optimization that is accessible to everyone. It helps speed up your site with images that are lighter, helps you save time, and doesn’t need to sacrifice the quality of your images. Optimizing your images and enhancing the loading speed takes about 5 minutes.

As of now, it appears that present, the CMS extension is available only for WordPress However, you are able to make use of their API to integrate it to other CMS platforms.

Imagify Features:

The image optimization plugin provides more than just compression of images. It’s all about making life easier. Let’s see the attributes that make Imagify superior to the other options.

Optimization for all formats

The tool can compress all popular image formats, including PDF formats. The maximum size of a photo is two megabytes. The size limit is not limited to the premium version.

Resize on the fly

It’s been a challenge to change the size of your photos in desired width and height or in percentage. You can utilize the Imagify online application as well as your content management system to make your images to the ideal size.

A dozen locations

In terms of users’ ease and comfort, it never steps back. Similar to the products they offer, this tool is user-friendly. It’s the perfect time to put an end to spending time with other programs.

Three-level compression available

Imagify Three-level compression available

With the Imagify Free version, you have three levels of compression for your images to achieve the best result.

  • Normal: At this point, image quality is the same, and there isn’t any visible change in size.
  • Adverse: At an aggressive level, you can alter the size but not lose the quality.
  • Ultra: In the ultra mode, you can save a significant amount when resizing your device, but in certain situations, it is possible of quality loss.

Automatic image Resizes

Auto-resize images are the ideal choice for bloggers. There is a choice to reduce the size of your images to the maximum width.

If WordPress themes permit 1024-pixel width, the bigger images will be automatically scaled to fit the recommended width.

Make sure you are able to optimize for any technology

Whichever platform you’re working on, you are able to lower the weight of your images with just one button. It is possible to use Imagify, the Imagify web-based App as well as the WordPress CMS, or their API.

Save your original images as an archive.

The backup option allows you to save the images in the original size for restoration later on. Backup is activated by default when you install The WordPress plugin.

The WEBP Format and compatibility with browsers

One of the most appealing features we love about Imagify is the ability to create WebP formats for images. These formats are fully recognized by Chrome and Mozilla. This feature isn’t available in WP Smush or TinyPNG.

Bulk Compress WordPress images

If you look at the Auto-Optimize image after upload and upload, all new images will be automatically optimized. But what happens to your old ones? Visit your WordPress dashboard, click Media>> Bulk Optimization, and all of your older images will be optimized.

Getting Imagify for WordPress

Getting Imagify for WordPress

In terms of sophisticated image enhancement, Imagify is an ideal tool. Now you can make use of it on WordPress. It’s NextGen in addition to WooCommerce compatible. Converting lighter images, lighter WebP into a speedier version of your website is just a mouse click away.

The plugin is accessible directly through your WordPress website. Once you activate the plugin, you’ll be able to accomplish the following actions.

  • Improve all your images in just a click.
  • Resize your images using advanced tools.
  • Check out the size of the image before and after.
  • If you require, restore your data to its original version.
  • The choice of the compression level will optimize the images automatically.
  • Each image is efficient and responsive, including the thumbnails.
  • To ensure performance and resolution, you can adjust the size of the images created by the WP retina x2 plugin.

WP Rocket makes the web quicker, and Imagify makes the web more user-friendly. It’s among the most effective solutions available on WordPress. WordPress market.

Installation and Set-up procedure


The installation process is like adding additional plugins to the WordPress dashboard.

  • Log in to the WordPress administrator panel.
  • Click on Plugins, Then Add New.
  • Look up Imagify to install and then run it.

Another option would be to obtain the ZIP file via the official WordPress repository and install it using the plugins menu and enable it.

Imagify pricing structure

Imagify Pricing and Plans

The free & premium versions of the plugin have similar features. There is only one difference in the many files it is able to optimize. The free version allows you to optimize 20MB of data within one month, whereas the premium version costs $4.99 per month.

You could optimize for the monthly or yearly plan based on the budget you have. With the unlimited plan, the user can maximize an unlimitable amount of images. Registration is free, and there’s no requirement to provide credit card details.

Don’t forget, once you’ve reached the limit of your plan, you aren’t able to optimize the newly uploaded photos.

How do you choose the right Imagify plan?

To select the most suitable pricing plan, examine the Media Library size. This will help you in making a wise and informed choice. If you’re not sure, connect directly with the Imagify team to receive the most appropriate guidance. To opt-out, send an email to and leave the rest to the team at Imagify.

Should you choose Imagify to make your site more user-friendly?

Optimization of images is a requirement for every website owner, and, with Imagify, it is not a need to consider it. All that you need to do is to install the software. It will reduce and resize images to speed up your site.

If you’re ready to begin the process of optimization, then go to try it.

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