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Really Simple SSL Plugin For WordPress

In the realm of WordPress development, There are usually several options available to accomplish a particular purpose. From blocks editor tools to forms builders, there’s a myriad of choices to pick from and often requires a keen sense of sight and years of WordPress expertise to determine which one is best for your specific application. We strongly believe that security and SEO veterans WordFence and Yoast SEO are the best choices for your particular needs without highly reviewed and solid rivals. But in terms of setting your security certificate on your website and making sure there aren’t conflicts with the plugin, really simple SSL is as close to being a simple choice.

What is Really Simple SSL Plugin?

Really Simple SSL plugin for wordpress

The Really Simple SSL plugin is a simple click plugin that analyzes your configuration and sets up the WordPress website to work over HTTPS. It is required to possess the SSL security certificate on the server that hosts the website.

However, it handles all of the rest. If you try to set up the configuration on your own can be a hassle, and you could result in a faulty task, so the plugin takes care of all the finer details for you. We’ve found that it has worked almost flawlessly.

Why bother to get an SSL Certificate?

Difference between http and https

It wasn’t long ago that SSL certificates were only for eCommerce websites and also for those with three deadbolts hanging from their entrance doors. If you don’t own the SSL Certificate on the security of your WordPress website, you’re in danger of being a target for hackers (kind of like those who keep their purses or wallet in their vehicle in a dangerous neighborhood).

Apart from the obvious benefit of securing any information that is exchanged between the website and its visitors, Google and other search engines can penalize websites that do not have an active security certificate. If that’s not enough to convince you for installing an SSL Certificate, this is what the users will see once they arrive at your site:

How to Install & Activate The Plugin

Install really simple ssl on your wordpress website

The process of activating & installing the plugin couldn’t be more straightforward. It is essential to backup your website prior to the installation of any plugin, particularly one that requires significant changes to the configuration.

Once you make a backup of your database and your files, install the plugin on the website, then activate the plugin, and then select “go ahead, activate SSL.” It is essential to carefully examine your website after clearing your browser’s cache to make sure there aren’t any issues which we suggest you have an experienced team of web developers (like us).

Like many other things with WordPress is simple until a problem occurs. However, with Really Simple SSL, this isn’t a common occurrence, but it is vital to have your website thoroughly verified after enabling SSL.

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