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All in One SEO Plugin For WordPress Website

All in One SEO t is the original WordPress plugin, and it is one of the most powerful SEO toolkits that you can have for your on-site SEO optimization. It is used by over 2 million websites right now, and they’re using it to help improve search rankings without learning any complicated lessons or any of the background.

The easy-to-use setup wizard is one of those amazing features that automatically helps you choose the best SEO settings based on the type of website you have.

Real-time Content Analysis:

It also comes with what’s called a true score, so as you’re writing your blog post (All in One), you will analyze the content that you’re writing and make sure that your content is the most optimized for SEO ranking so you can rank higher and beat your competitors.

All in One SEO XML sitemaps:

The other part that I love about (all in one) is that it comes with smart XML sitemaps. So aside from the WordPress sitemaps, it actually disables that and replaces the much better sitemap that you have full control over.

You can change the priority if you have many videos on your website, then all-in-one SEO will help you create a video site map that will help your website rank higher since google is showing the video carousels.

Open Graph metadata:

If you have a news website, then (all-in-one) will help you get in the google news with their new sitemap. Also, I Like its open graph metadata.

With this plugin, you make sure that when you share your content on Facebook or Twitter, or any other platforms, the right image, and the right title, and the right description is always going to be showing there.

All-in-one comes with other smart features like Woocommerce SEO local, SEO RSS, speed control robot txt editor. Basically, everything you need to really get an advantage over your competitors when you’re thinking about improving your ranks.

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